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The Deen of Old Women – Discussion

A motivational discussion with Dr. Fareeha Khan, author of “The Deen of Old Women,” and discussants Mussarat Khan and Saadia Shariff on our second Not-a-Whole-Book club session. Our attitudes toward aging


Inspirational Women: Interview with Mrs. Shaheen Usmani

There are few religious scholars more well-known in the Muslim world than Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani. His expertise in fiqh and hadith, and in particular his specialization in Islamic Finance, allows him to serve as a distinguished member on numerous international bodies of Islamic law. For scholars of such caliber, one rarely if ever hears about the internal happenings of their domestic life. And due to the emphasis on the modest and hidden nature of a woman’s private sphere, one rarely hears directly from the female members of such religious households.