Dr. Fareeha Khan

Dr. Fareeha Khan is a scholar of Islamic intellectual history, with a strong interest in how the classical Islamic disciplines of law and spirituality continue to provide meaning and ethical direction for Muslims in the modern age. She is founding member of the Sila Initiative, through which she writes and teaches with the aim of helping Muslims embrace the social teachings of Islam by rethinking modern individualism. She has published on topics related to women, family, Islamic Law and Sufism, with a particular focus on modern South Asia in her academic work. Dr. Fareeha holds an MA from the University of Chicago in Middle Eastern Studies and a PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Michigan. She is an affiliated scholar at Willamette University (where she has also served as assistant professor) and served as Advisory Editor for the Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Law. Born and raised in Chicago, she now lives with her husband Ibrahim Mansoor in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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Allah Has Heard the Arguing Woman

“My Companions are like the stars; follow whichever you like and you will be rightly guided.”
–the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Wherever there is a discrepancy in power, there exists the possibility of abuse. As Muslims, we believe this is true of every relationship between willful beings, except the relationship between God and His creation. He is Just, at the level of the absolute, and His Justice will absolutely be realized, if not on this worldly plane, then on that of the Next.


Nasiha and the Elderly

“Whoever fails to care for our youth, respect our aged, enjoin right, and denounce wrong is not counted among us.”
— the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

The other day, I spoke with an elderly cousin of my mother’s. She resides in India, and I asked her if she would come for ‘umrah and visit me in Jeddah. When she said she’d consider it, I mentioned that she should make sure to let me know beforehand, because sometimes I have to travel back to the States with my husband due to his work.