What is Sila?

“al-ṣila”, الصلة: (noun)

relationship, connection, link, tie, bond


The Sila Initiative is an educational effort that teaches Islam through the lens of relationships and connectedness.

In an increasingly individualistic world, Sila asks Muslims to consciously make their obligatory and praiseworthy relationships—with Allah, His Messenger salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, with one’s spouse, children, parents, relatives, teachers, neighbors, friends—a central part of their lived practice of Islam.

The most critical of all is one’s sila or connection to Allah, through which the proper maintenance of all other relationships can be understood.

Our Objective

Recentering our worldview to see everything through one’s relationship with Allah is the primary objective of the Sila Initiative. Other objectives that derive from this main one are:

  • to bring attention to individualistic trends and ideas that pervade modern society by providing basic critique and reorientation for the sincere Muslim

  • to think about women’s rights and the gendered responsibilities of men and women through a framework that emphasizes the wisdom of their Creator, not the human self’s sense of entitlement

  • to provide stories and examples from Muslims past and present on what wholesome and fruitful submission to Allah looks like, both at home and in the heart

  • to show how effective Islamic theological, legal and social teachings are, even in the modern age, through religiously grounded examples and analysis

As we expand our work through more scholarly articles, written and audio reflections, and teaching online and on-the-ground, we hope to help each other think more clearly and act with more confidence as Muslims in the modern world. Please make dua for success in this endeavor.

Wa billahi tawfiq!

“The most complete in faith are those best in character and kindest to their families.” 

Prophet Muhammed (صلى الله عليه و سلم)